Fees include a monthly subscription fee and commission deducted from each sale. How much commission you’ll be charged depends on the type of product you sold.

Monthly fee
Conrad Marketplace sellers pay a monthly fee of €99 (doesn’t include VAT).

We charge a seller referral fee (aka commission) for each transaction completed on Conrad Marketplace. Commission ranges from 5 to 15 percent (not including VAT), depending on the type of product being sold.
Full details about how much commission you pay for each product are available here.

Calculation example

As a Conrad marketplace seller, you supplied an HDD at a basic selling price of €35.00€ (net). Shipping the item to the buyer amounts to €3.00 (net). We charge commission of 5% on the sale of HDDs (as of July 2020).

How we calculate commission:
Basic selling price of product (net)
VAT applied to selling price (19%)
Shippinc costs (net)
VAT applied to shipping costs (19%) 
Total amount to be paid by buyer
Commission and amount paid out to you 
Total amount to be paid by buyer
Net commission netto (5% for HDDs)
VAT applied to commission (19%)
Commission incl. VAT 
Amount credited to your account

In the above example, the buyer pays €45.22. Commission amounts to €2.69 (incl. VAT). The amount credited to your account is €42.53

Why use it?

  • Make fees and commission transparent
  • Basis for your calculations

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