KPI Overview

The main folders PartnersContent ReportingPlanning Spreadsheets and OCI (for sellers using the OCI shop link) contain subfolders with topic-specific boards. The boards in Looker are reporting templates that can be retrieved and customised using filter settings to meet your needs.

The “Partner” folder contains subfolders named “Pricing and Sales Details”, “Sales Data”, “Quality Assurance”, “Content” and “Information”.

“Content Reporting” rounds up overviews of the “Product Content Score” related to both product categories and individual products, and contains the ChangeLog.

“Planning Spreadsheets” contains boards that enable you to set up automated forwarding. The according Guidelines are also available there.

The OCI folder shows you all the relevant KPIs with regard to your OCI shop sales (if you use the OCI link).

Why use it?

  • Well-organised and accessible through folders, subfolders and boards
  • A wide variety of reporting types that suit different needs
  • Boards being constantly developed and improved by Conrad

This is how it works

Main Folders

Select folders, or get straight to the boards.


Select subfolders using site nav.


The boards are placed in subfolders and contain performance data.

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