Quality standards

KPI Overview

Your shop account contains all relevant KPIs, including event rates, time from order placement to confirmation, lead time to shipping, customer request response times, the number of consecutive purchase orders that were automatically declined, and the rate of orders that shipped late.

These KPIs are essential when it comes to assessing your performance as a seller. If you do not comply with the standards that apply to our marketplace sellers, you could face sanctions.


Standard required Performance Assessment Period 

Event Rate
Number of items with at least one event assigned, divided by the total number of confirmed orders.

less than


past three months

Order placement to confirmation time
The average time that passed between order placement and order confirmation.

less than

24 hours

past three months

Rate of confirmed orders
Number of confirmed orders, divided by the number of placed orders.

at least


past three months

Maximum number of consecutive orders that were automatically declined



since becoming a seller

Customer request response time
Average time it took to reply to a customer request.

less than

48 hours

past three months

Rate of orders that shipped late
Number of orders dispatched after the quoted shipping date, divided by the total number of orders.

less than


one year


Quality Assurance – Our Standards

  • Customer Orders
    Confirm or decline orders place within one working day.
  • Event Rate
    Dispatch orders at the time you specified (lead time) to ensure a smooth fulfilment process. This helps prevents a high event rate which may result in your seller account being put on hold.
  • Rate of confirmed orders
    Review your sales details at regular intervals and always keep them up-to-date. An accurate set of sales details ensures a smooth processing of all customer orders.
  • Declining Customer Orders Automatically
    Make sure you do not auto-decline customer orders by accident. Keep in mind that any order will be automatically declined 5 days after it was placed unless you confirm, or decline, that order before those five days have passed.
  • Customer request response time
    Reply to any customer requests within 48 hours. Because happy customers are returning customers!

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