To make sourcing a simple, fast and comprehensive process, we supply 9 million products by leading brands and manufacturers, together with a range of services tailored to your needs. At Conrad, business customers get exactly what makes their project or business a success: a wide and deep product range comprising seven million products, customer-centric solutions and services, and face-to-face expert advice.

What’s more, the Conrad Sourcing Platform centres around e-procurement solutions that allow B2B omnichannel shopping using custom interfaces set up to suit your type of business.

Becoming one of our sellers means finding new customers, opening up new markets, expanding your distribution network, being able to utilise the Conrad brand awareness to reach out to wholesalers, and positioning your brands and products in a high-quality sales environment. These days, over 2 million business customers are using us to source technical supplies.

We offer a range of interfaces that make onboarding quick and easy, regardless of your existing setup. Join now, and get more out of your sales channel.

A partner you can trust

For customers
  • + 650 suppliers
  • + 9 million listed products
  • + 10 procurement solutions
For Sellers
  • + 210 million shop visits per year
  • + 1 bn in annual sales
  • + 2.500 interfaces
of expertise in technology
operates in

Customers & Sellers & Suppliers

Use cases

How we help sellers and customers.

Other interesting facts about Conrad's Sourcing Platform


Want to find out more about our company? This page contains the latest press releases related to our business, our products, and to the services we provide. It also tells you how to get in touch with us if you’ve got questions.

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How to become a Seller

Want to become one of our drop-shipping partners? We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers that helps you get started!

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Conrad E-Procurement

We offer a wide variety of customised e-procurement solutions that help business and universities optimize their sourcing procedures.

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