• Easy integration into all common procurement systems
  • Direct connection into your ERP system
  • Time and cost savings through real-time data transfer

Perfect integration into your system? No problem, with Conrad's OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) / PunchOut.

Do you also manage your technical business supplies with your own ERP system or use a procurement system from an external service provider?

Via OCI (Open Catalogue Interface) or PunchOut interface we can integrate the complete Conrad catalogue into your system landscape.

This allows you to use your procurement systems for fast and cost-effective order processing and always have full control over all your expenses.



Overview of your OCI shop



Digital progress and the latest technology - at every stage of the procurement process.


Take advantage of all the benefits of the latest OCI 5.0 generation, such as Background Search, Detail, Validate or Download-JSON.

This allows you to cover an even larger part of your technical operating needs via a single interface - with Conrad as the only invoicing party.



Which procurement system do you have in use? We support almost all of them.

Other interesting facts about Conrad's Sourcing Platform

Conrad Services

Here you will find a variety of services for your company, ranging from long-term warranty and calibration service to our procurement and quotation services.  

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E-Procurement Wiki

Our knowledge center on the topic of procurement management and e-procurement. You can find everything worth knowing, detailed and easy to understand.  

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Conrad Marketplace

Use the Conrad Sourcing Platform as a sales channel for the whole range of technical business supplies. We ensure sourcing is simple, fast and comprehensive. This includes your products, too.  

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