• No existing system landscape required
  • No expensive licensing fees or contract periods
  • Intuitive e-procurement, using only your browser

No procurement or ERP system of your own? No problem.

Modern e-procurement means one thing above all: faster, more transparent and less error-prone procurement. All this saves money.

Nevertheless, only a few dare to take the step towards digital procurement. Providers of procurement systems often charge high licensing fees and tie you down with long contract terms.

Conrad Smart Procure is the alternative, all you need is a current web browser - no expensive software, no risks.



Save time and money for what is really relevant.

Purchasing doesn't have to be tedious or complicated. Procuring technical business supplies in particular, shouldn't take any more time than absolutely necessary.

With Conrad Smart Procure, your team can cover their own needs across different departments via one central account. Meanwhile, thanks to approval workflows and analytics dashboards, you maintain the full overview at any time, anywhere.

Conrad Smart Procure is already being used in numerous industries

Mechanical engineering
Electrical and HVAC installation
Wholesale and retail trade
Public facilities and utilities

Other interesting facts about Conrad's Sourcing Platform

Conrad services

Here you will find a variety of services for your company, ranging from long-term warranty and calibration service to our procurement and quotation services.

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E-Procurement wiki

Our knowledge center on the topic of procurement management and e-procurement. You can find everything worth knowing, detailed and easy to understand.

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Conrad Marketplace

Use the Conrad Sourcing Platform as a sales channel for the whole range of technical business supplies. We ensure sourcing is simple, fast and comprehensive. This includes your products, too.

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