• Partnership at eye level
  • Efficient procurement processes
  • Highest quality standards, at all times
  • Simple. Fast. Comprehensive.

Many challenges, one solution.

Costs are to be reduced, numerous suppliers are to be managed and, at the same time, security of supply must be ensured - and all this must be done more and more efficiently.

With the Conrad Sourcing Platform you cover all your technical business supplies. More than 7 million product offers in more than 1500 product categories - centralised in one place, around the clock.

Rely on a strong supply chain with hundreds of independent B2B partners as well as our Conrad suppliers. Consolidate all your technical business supplies without compromising on choice, price competition and security of supply.

All for your procurement

300 Suppliers
350 Marketplace Partner
7 Mio. Offers
1.500 Product Categories
100 years of experience

Effective sourcing. Efficient business. With E-procurement

These days, sourcing is getting more complex, regardless of company size. This is exactly where digital procurement can help. E-procurement automates lengthy approval processes and digitises the exchange of information - leaving you more time for the real challenges.

With our e-procurement solutions you have:

  • full control and transparency for your purchasing
  • uncomplicated and fast approval processes
  • customised connection and integration tailored to your needs 

Our solution for your procurement.

Conrad Webshop

Cover all your technical business supplies in our webshop - really easy.

  • central dashboard for your entire procurement
  • intelligent account management functions
  • marketplace access
Conrad Smart Procure

No procurement or ERP system? Take the first step now.

  • no extra costs, no risks
  • fully control your procurement process
  • marketplace access thanks to the single creditor solution
OCI / PunchOut

Seamless integration into your procurement or ERP system? Simple and dynamic.  

  • real-time data regarding prices and availability
  • compatible with most systems
  • marketplace access thanks to the single creditor solution

Static integration using fixed price lists? Easy and customized.

  • compatible with most systems
  • regular updates
  • individualised catalogues based on product categories

One solution for all.

Tradespeople and medium-sized businesses
Large companies
Schools, colleges and universities
Public services and local authorities

Other interesting facts about Conrad's Sourcing Platform

Conrad Services

Here you will find a variety of services for your company, ranging from long-term warranty and calibration service to our procurement and quotation services.

More information available here 

E-Procurement Wiki

Our knowledge center on the topic of procurement management and e-procurement. You can find everything worth knowing, detailed and easy to understand.

More information available here 

Conrad Marketplace

Use the Conrad Sourcing Platform as a sales channel for the whole range of technical business supplies. We ensure sourcing is simple, fast and comprehensive. This includes your products, too.

More information available here