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Exploiting B2B potential on the digital marketplace

While B2C marketplaces have long been an integral part of everyday shopping for private consumers, the B2B sector is also rapidly catching up. B2B marketplaces offer exciting new business and growth opportunities for a new, but also for an established generation of companies, manufacturers, retailers and buyers.

Seller requirements.

Germany-based head office and distribution or external warehouses in the EU
Ability to ship single item orders
Experience in e-commerce

This is how it works.

1. Are we compatible?

Tell us a bit more about your business and your range of products.

2. Sign up

Create an account and provide the required details and documents.

3. Upload data

Upload your product data and sales details.

4. Sell

Your products are now available on our marketplace!

5. Get paid​

We use a service provider to process the payments. Payments will be credited to your account three times per month.

6. Optimize

Our state-of-the-art analysis tools help you increase sales.


Our onboarding guidelines tell you everything you need to do to become one of our sellers.


Authorized Signatory
  • Required for the onboarding
  • Ready to download
Fees & Commission
  • €99 per month
  • 5-15% commission
  • Tailored solutions
  • Marketing packages