Daniel Pieper (CEO)

"We especially appreciate the short official channels and the personal support. Without this, we would not be where we are today in the Conrad Marketplace."

Who we are – belion.de GmbH

Our company was founded in 2002. Since then, we have been constantly developing to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. 

With passion for craft and e-commerce, we currently have in stock well over 30,000 professional quality items. Our product range includes electronics, plumbing, heating, lighting, tools and installation.

Quality, good performance and fast delivery at reasonable prices are not excluded with us. As experienced craftsmen, we know how important these factors are in the daily work. For us, it is a profession to assist our customers professionally in their construction projects with materials and tools.

That's why we chose Conrad:

There are simply brands that you associate with certain items. If you're in the electronics business, you know that Conrad is the first place to go for electronics components of any kind. Conrad has simply done a good job over the years!

At a fair in 2020, we heard about the Conrad Marketplace and received detailed information and advice. That convinced us, so we placed our electronics product range there.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • personal support through contact persons 
  • short ways and fast reaction time
  • fast connection through API




Helko Matthäi (Managing Associate)

"With its B2B Marketplace, Conrad gives us the perfect platform to offer our products in a professional market environment."

Who we are – power4network

Power4network belongs to the Red Delta Solutions GmbH. For more than 10 years we have been active in the field of volume distribution for IT and network components. In doing so, we have built up an excellent network of contacts with all well-known manufacturers. Our customers benefit from the possibility to use the purchasing conditions of large companies even for small projects and small quantities.

That's why we chose Conrad:

Conrad has long been known to us as a professional supplier in the IT and ICT sector. Our product portfolio is tailored to commercial customers and public institutions. It is therefore a logical consequence to be active on a B2B platform that addresses precisely this customer group and not end customers. Conrad's B2B marketplace is exactly the right partner for this.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • personal and professional support through direct contact person 
  • correct customer addressing and thus no scattering losses
  • independent handling and control of offer conditions




Mike Dallinger (Key Account Manager)

"The potential through the access to new customers in the Conrad marketplace has exceeded our expectations so far."

Who we are – SECOMP GmbH

Today, we are one of the leading European suppliers in the fields of IT accessories and networking technology for professional users. We offer a wide range of high quality products consisting of IT accessories, networking products, surveillance systems, UPS & power supplies, consumer electronics accessories, 19" cabinets & accessories as well as LED lighting technology. The entire company group includes SECOMP GmbH as well as companies in Switzerland, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and employs approximately 170 people. We are especially proud to look back on 30 years of market experience.

That's why we chose Conrad:

We have been focusing on digital procurement processes for some time and were looking for a strong and long-term partner. After we had already checked out some other marketplaces of the competitors, we came across the Conrad Marketplace through our long-term cooperation with Conrad. We soon realized that this marketplace would be the best way for us to place our portfolio and so we finally decided on Conrad.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • high potential in the distribution of our products
  • Portfolio can be placed on the Conrad Marketplace in the best possible way
  • Support through contact persons
  • very good connection to the market place




Etienne Sahin (Head of Sales)

„We see the high transparency about trading partners and customers for all participants as one of the most important unique selling propositions. The close and meanwhile personal contact with Conrad as a partner should also be mentioned“

Who we are – tease solution GmbH

Our company was founded in 2019 with B2B focus. We cover the commodity groups of IT, ICT, electronic components, consumables and office supplies, among others. Our customer base includes small retail stores as well as wholesale groups.

From the very beginning, we have been following one major goal: to continuously improve our customers' satisfaction and shopping experience through a high level of flexibility and customer focus.

That's why we chose Conrad:

Conrad is a well-known retailer of IT/ICT goods and was foreseen as a target marketplace for our company due to its brand awareness and market presence. With this in mind, we searched the way to Conrad shortly after the foundation of our company and registered on the Marketplace.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • close and personal contact with Conrad as a partner
  • high transparency for all participants about trading partners and customers 
  • Support in the development of customer service and delivery performance
  • Cooperation regarding the cross-border trade




Ann-Christin Hecker-Paccione (Commercial Director)

„We benefit from Conrad‘s brand awareness, which gives us access to customers who would otherwise not be reachable for us.“

Who we are – Xt Supply GmbH

Starting with the classic trade of packaging, our product range today includes over 750,000 articles from the categories office, ITC, warehouse and business equipment and, of course, packaging. We are constantly adapting our product range, always with a focus on the needs of our customers. We also support them digitally and at the same time personally.

That's why we chose Conrad:

We used Conrad for our own procurement and so we got the idea to become a seller on the Marketplace as well. We are always happy to explore new directions with Conrad.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • very successful additional sales channel
  • unique support from the Partner Success Managers
  • generation of new ideas and impulses to improve our content and performance
  • access to customers who would otherwise not be reachable




Jochen Buch (CEO)

„The partnership with Conrad allows us to offer our product portfolio to a large customer base that would otherwise not be available for us.“

Who we are – UPR Unter Profis

Electronic order processing meets personal service at our company.

Our roots are in the tool area. However, we quickly added the categories of tool technology, workshop, factory equipment and occupational safety. Today, we have many years of experience in e-commerce, where direct contact with our customers is very important to us.

That's why we chose Conrad:

We are convinced that marketplaces offer the optimal opportunity for a transparent and open customer relationship. While searching for a suitable marketplace, we found Conrad. The partnership with Conrad enables us to offer our product portfolio to a large customer base that would otherwise not be accessible to us. The trustful and sincere cooperation with Conrad gives us the opportunity to grow and also to provide our product portfolio to a foreign customer base.

Our advantages by participating on Conrad Marketplace:

  • transparent and open customer relationship
  • access to customers who would otherwise not be reachable
  • growth through e.g. cross border trade 
  • Conrad as a powerful partner