Fixed updates, fixed prices, fixed assortments - transparent procurement.

If your company already has a procurement system that cannot integrate catalogues via OCI / PunchOut, then the Conrad eCatalogue is the ideal procurement solution for you.

The eCatalogue offers an easy way to make your procurement processes more efficient and transparent through fixed assortments together with fixed price lists and updates. All common data formats such as BMEcat, CSV, XLS and many others are supported by us.

Streamline your processes and save time and money in purchasing.

One in two is already satisfied with the transparency of internal procurement. You too?

*Survey among 148 Conrad corporate customers

Fixed price lists

The prices in your eCatalogue are fixed until the next update interval. We can coordinate the intervals with you individually.

Digital, secure and certified

The eCatalogue is available in various formats such as BMEcat, cif or csv. Classifications such as all common versions of eClass and UNSPSC as well as data formats such as BMEcat, CSV, TXT, XLS and Datanorm are possible.

Dynamisation via API interface

We can make your static catalogue dynamic via API (Application Programming Interface). This allows you to request desired product information via live communication. The data transfer takes place almost in real time.


Other interesting facts about Conrad's Sourcing Platform

Conrad services

Here you will find a variety of services for your company, ranging from long-term warranty and calibration service to our procurement and quotation services.

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E-procurement wiki

Our knowledge center on the topic of procurement management and e-procurement. You can find everything worth knowing, detailed and easy to understand.

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Conrad Marketplace

Use the Conrad Sourcing Platform as a sales channel for the whole range of technical business supplies. We ensure sourcing is simple, fast and comprehensive. This includes your products, too.

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