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KPI Overview

Looker offers a range of features that allow you to customise data analysis, set up automated board forwarding, create personal folders, and do plenty of other things.

For instance, you are able to add those boards you use frequently to a list of favourites, and create your own topic-specific folders.

Each board contains a vast range of information, and also includes data that go beyond your own products. For instance, the “Prices and Sales Data” subfolder provides a competitor analysis, a price comparison with other marketplace sellers showing the total value of the orders placed in the past 90 days, and the number of product detail page (PDP) views over a period of time, the length of which to be chosen by you. The board also displays the amount of traffic each of your products gets. This tells you how competitive your products are which in turn allows you, among other things, to improve your lead times, or to sell at more competitive prices, if necessary.

The Content Reporting boards comprise information with regard to your Content Score either averaged for all your products, on the product category level, or for individual products. If your content score is high, and you both sell at competitive prices and are able to dispatch orders fast, this makes you highly visible when it comes to customers using the search function on our marketplace.

Moreover, you can download the data contained in each report. Available formats are csv, xlsx, json and html. If you plan to download large amounts of data, please go to “More options” and select “All results” first. Otherwise, the exported file will only contain the first 500 data rows.

Why use it?

  • Automation saves you time and money
  • Get straight to your favourite boards
  • Gain in-depth insights into how your business fares in the marketplace

This is how it works

Price Comparison
Find out how each of your products does compared to the competition.

PDP Views
Use the content score to boost your visibility on the marketplace.

The boards are placed in subfolders and contain performance data.



Can I retrieve the data via API?

Sorry, no. Not yet. But we are working on it.

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