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Catalog management

One way to positively influence the visibility of your articles on our platform is the presentation of your product content. In principle, product data can be easily overwritten for the purpose of an update. An update of the product data is carried out by importing the product file into your Mirakl Shop account.

Product data updates

A maximum of 3 daily updates of the master data of a product are possible!

Product data update

Our recommendation and more than sufficient is one daily update of product master data.
Ideally, only changed products are transferred, so a constant full import is not necessary.

Many people prefer nighttime or weekends. This optimizes the system load and waiting times for updates.

This also ensures that customers can enjoy the most positive shopping experience possible and that your data traffic time and costs are kept within limits.

Use the familiar procedure via automatic  FTP Upload,  API or manually in your shop account using the import mask. Select ''Products'' as the file content.

When the data is uploaded, the corresponding product data will be automatically overwritten. This means that if empty fields are transmitted, the content will be deleted.

Be aware: 

This only affects product updates.


Offers (offer uploads) continue to be updated regardless of each change to ensure that stocks, delivery times and prices are up to date.

Update for images and documents

Images and documents are only updated when an asset's URL has changed.

If the content of asset objects changes without the URL changing, we recommend appending the modification date of an asset as a URL parameter. This ensures the automatic re-collection of an asset.


old  :  https://....Bild.jpg 
new:  https://....Bild.jpg?20240507

It is not permitted to install random numbers or counters in the URLs, which trigger new processing with every update, regardless of a necessary change!

This not only results in unnecessary long process times and costs for you, but all marketplace participants are forced to wait due to this multiple processing. Please avoid this waste of energy.

Product content

One way to positively influence the visibility of your articles on our platform is the presentation of your product content.  Read more about how it works here:

Product content optimization

The possibilities for continually expanding product content are many.

More comprehensive product content potentially gives you better visibility on our platform, which means more clicks and more potential sales.

Basically, the taxonomy on Conrad's site is divided into the following segments:

  • Category structure
  • Attribute strukture
    • Text attributes
    • Value list attributes
    • numerical attributes
  • Lists of values

As you already know, certain information is essential for product creation, but beyond the rudimentary product creation, further information can be maintained for each item both at global and item group level.

In the Conrad world we are talking about a total of almost 50 global attributes, which can be maintained for each item. On the other hand, we are talking about around 10,000 other attributes that can only be maintained at the level of certain article groups, for example the display diagonal of monitors or televisions.


Please note the instructions for optimizing your content here in the PDF document:

Offer and product deletion

Please delete all offers and products that are no longer available, e.g. EOL or sold out, at regular intervals.

Offer and product deletion process

Deleting offer data

  1. Identify the products that need to be deleted prior to making a change to a mandatory field (see also upload and conversion error reports). Use product IDs to find the relevant products.
  2. Create a "offer data deletion file", e.g. as part of your scheduled offer data updates. Enter “delete” in the “Update/Delete” column.
  3. Import the file manually in “Price and stock” -> "File Import"  or automatically as you usually do. Set the import mode to “Normal”.
  4. Check whether the upload contains any errors (“Price and stock” > “File imports” > “Track offer Imports”). 

Deleting product data

  1. This step must be done a few hours after the offer has been deleted, i.e. at a later point in time. There may no longer be an active offer online!
  2. Create a deletion file for the relevant products. Enter “invalidate” in the “Product invalidation marker” column.                                                   
  3. If you use our upload template, proceed in the same way (automatically or manually upload ) as you would uploads your new products.
  4. If you use Mapping, you need to map the “Product invalidation marker” column value employing the configuration assistant. Afterwards, upload the file either automatically or manually.
  5. Check whether the upload contains any errors (Error report in the Mirakl menu  "Catalog" ).
  6. Product data will be deleted overnight (N.B. For a product to be displayed on the gateway, you also need to create the according sales details).

Creating new product data

After the relevant products have been deleted overnight, the next day you can create new product data and offer data files as you usually do.

Please check internally how to delete offer data and product data at regular intervals.

You also need to delete product data if you want to remove products from your product range. This makes sure that the relevant content won’t no longer display on the webshop pages.


Quality requirements for media for article creation in the Conrad Group range can be found here:

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The detailed requirements for creating new brands can be found here:

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Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment - rules:

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