Sign Up & Account Setup

Getting Started

First things first. A mutually beneficial working relationship is something that is really important to us. Setting up shop on our marketplace is a pretty straightforward process. These guidelines give you a brief overview of what you need to do, and of the information you need to provide, to start selling on our marketplace.

Moreover, here are some useful videos to help you with the onboarding process:


Onboarding, Step 1

Onboarding, Step 2

Sign up to our marketplace

Conrad Marketplace serves as your sales channel for all technical business supplies. To become a successful Conrad Marketplace seller, you first need to align your product range with the range of technical products available on our marketplace.

Technical supplies include

  • Education & Development Kits
  • Active Components
  • Testing Equipment & Power Supply
  • Automotive, Leisure & Home
  • Connectors & Cables
  • Multimedia
  • Computing & Office
  • Passive Components
  • Building Services & Smart Living
  • Electromechanics
  • Automation & Pneumatics
  • Other

Show your willingness to become a member of the Conrad seller community by completing the registration form. When you do this, you will be asked to provide the basic details of your business, and the contact information of someone at your company who we can get in touch with. To become one of your sellers, you must be VAT-registered in Germany. You also need to operate a Germany-based warehouse.

Create a profile

We send you an email with a link that allows you to create a Conrad Marketplace seller account (shop account). Complete all fields marked by an asterisk (*). You will also need to provide the location of your warehouses (see “Warehouses” tab). If you only operate one warehouse, leave the other fields (warehouse 2, 3 etc) blank. After filling in the form, check whether the information is accurate. Then click “Confirm”.

Choose a password

After you submitted the form, we email you a link that lets you set a password. Clicking the link gets you to the password page. Choose and confirm your password, and you’ll be able to log in to your shop account on Mirakl.


Provide bank details

You need to provide your bank details. Log in to your account, go to My Account > Settings > Bank Details, and enter the required information. 

Bankkontendetails = Bank details  | Name des Konteninhabers = Account holder | Name der Bank = Name of bank | Adresse der Bank = Bank address | Postleitzahle = Postcode | Ort = City/town | Speichern = Save

Upload documentation

Go to My Account > Settings (scroll to the bottom), to upload the required documents. A checklist with all the documents we need is shown below. This information is part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures carried out by Webhelp on our behalf. 

The following forms need to be signed before you submit them:

  • General Terms & Conditions
  • Shareholder Declaration form
  • LUCID / Packaging Act / WEEE documents

If no natural person in your company holds more than 25% of the company’s shares, tick the appropriate box on the Declaration of Shareholder form. This means that you don’t need to complete the relevant shareholder fields on the form.

Important: When uploading documents, make sure you include all pages, annexes, appendices etc.


Upload product data

Use the “Import” function to upload products to our marketplace. The file format needs to be Excel or CSV files. There are three ways to upload product data:

Option 1

Use our file template and enter the product data. Go to “My Inventory”, select the completed template and upload the file to our marketplace. 

Option 2

Create a file that contains your product data. Go to “My Inventory” and upload your file. Afterwards, you need to assign categories, attributes and values to your products. Our Mapping Assistant helps you get it right.

Option 3

These days, we offer a range of automated interfaces and are improving them as we speak. If you still need an additional interface, please let us know and we’ll look into it. Different ways of integration make sure that creating and uploading product data and sales details files is pretty straightforward.


Mirakl Connect • Plentymarkets • Channel Engine • Channel Advisor • Channel Pilot • Speed4Trade • Brickfox • EffectConnect • Tradebyte • Lengow • Channable

Shop software 

Magento • JTL • Shopware · Shopify • SAP / FIS • Prestash

Sales details files

If you use a separate file for your sales details data, just repeat what you did when uploading the product data file. 


Connecting to your FTP server allows you to automatically update both your product data and sales details. Log in to your Mirakl shop account to set up the link. Alternatively, use an API (guidelines available upon request). 

Check for errors

The last step involves checking the import logs for errors, to make sure all of your products have been uploaded.


  • Align your product range  
  • Provide a link to your home page  
  • Registration form completed and submitted  


  • General information 
  • Shop account name  
  • Company Registration Number (CRN)
  • VAT Registration Number (assigned to the provided contact details) 

Contact details

  • Contact details for invoicing purposes  


  • Street address, city/town and postcode of the warehouse (applies to both own and leased facilities)

Further information

  • First and last name of company owner/shareholder
  • Email address of owner/shareholder
  • First and last name of the managing director
  • Date and place of birth of the managing director
  • Applicable jurisdiction (if the business is incorporated)
  • Liable shareholders (if the business is incorporated)
  • LUCID registration number
  • WEEE registration number  


  • Account holder
  • IBAN 
  • Name of bank
  • BIC  


Personal information

  • Shareholder Declaration form, signed (available for download)
  • Passport/ID card of managing director
  • Passport/ID card of owner (if holding more than 25% of the shares)
  • Passport/ID card of authorised signatory (if applicable)

Company Accounting 

  • Copy of company registration certificate (must not be older than 3 months)
  • Bank statement or bank confirmation letter (IBAN, BIC, account holder and bank name need to be legible)
  • LUCID documents (Your sign-up form + Conrad LUCID form)
  • WEEE Registration Number provided  


  • General T&Cs (available for download) (Signed, incl. completed Direct Debit authorisation)

Product uploading

  • Completed product data file (CSV or Excel extension) (template available for download here)
  • Completed sales details file (CSV or Excel extension) (template available for download here) 
  • Automation via FTP