Net Price Upload

Catalog management

First thing you need to do before uploading net prices is closing your shop.

To do this, got to “Settings” → “Shop”, type in the current date in the “Closed from… to …” fields scroll down and click “Save.” As a result, the shop status changes to “Closed”.

Now go there to “Price control” and switch the “My prices will be uploaded in net.” field to “Yes”.
Click “Save.” again.

Now, go to “Edit shipping charges” and “Shipping Options” and set both shipping costs and the free postage thresholds to net rates. If you weren’t assigning individual shipping rates before, we recommend you to do so by completing the relevant setup. (The information preset here in Mirakl is gross in the transition phase and must be checked before a shop opens.)

Replace the sales prices of your products with net prices and re-upload the Offer Data File in mirakl. Thereby you prevent the display of incorrect price information.vermeiden. 

  • Please note: This change will also affect OCI prices.

Once you’ve made all price-related changes, delete the current date in the "Closed from... to…”  field and click “Save”.

This results in the shop status switching back to “Open”. It takes a couple of seconds before the products become active again.

  • Important: It may take a few minutes for the changed price data to be transferred to the shop.
    It is therefore recommended that the adjustment from gross to net be carried out overnight.

The migration from gross to net prices is now complete.


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