Seller Requirements

Getting Started

Conrad Marketplace Seller Requirements

Want to become a Conrad Marketplace seller but aren’t sure whether you meet the requirements? Below, we explain everything you need to know about the sign-up process. 

1. Legal Requirements

Basic requirements

Zur Teilnahme als Verkäufer müssen Sie die folgenden rechtlichen Voraussetzungen erfüllen: 

  • Your registered company address (legal entity) needs to be in Germany 
  • You need to be VAT-registered in Germany
  • Your warehouse (own or leased) needs to be located in Europe

2. Other Requirements

Conrad Quality KPIs

To ensure customer satisfaction and help our sellers monitor their performance, we’ve introduced a set of quality KPIs. A list of our current KPIs and detailed instructions on how to apply them are available here.

Quality Control – Platform Rules – Stats

Temporary Deactivation

If your shop account has been put on hold, please review the following KPIs to understand the reasons:

  • Event Rate: ≥ 5% (Last Month)
  • Order Confirmation Time: ≥ 24 hours (Last Three Months)
  • Confirmation Rate: < 92% (Last Two Months)
  • Number of Auto-Declined Orders: ≥ 3 (All-Time)
  • Response Time: ≥ 48 hours (Last Three Months)

Parcel Tracking

You will need to assign a tracking number to each parcel dispatched to a customer. Tracking numbers are assigned via the gateway at the time you mark an order as “Shipped”. Providing parcel tracking numbers is mandatory. However, it’s up to you to choose the parcel delivery service you want to work with.

Technical requirements: bypassing your in-house invoicing process

We use Webhelp as a payment service provider. Webhelp handle the entire billing process which includes sending invoices to and collecting the money invoiced from your buyers. Hence, do not enclose an invoice when you dispatch an order to a customer (enclose delivery note only). In turn, Webhelp will forward the invoiced amount minus the commission to you, and send the commission to Conrad.     

Means bypassing your in-house invoicing process is a prerequisite for becoming one of our marketplace sellers.


  • Kunde = Buyer
  • Rechnung = Invoice
  • Zahlung = Payment
  • Betrag = Amount
  • Provision = Commission

For more details about the billing process, click here.


Technical Operational Supplies

We offer our customers a curated selection of products in the field of technical operational supplies and are proud to be a curated marketplace. We bring over 2 million customers who match this target group, making the selection of the right products and the corresponding content of utmost importance for you as a future partner.

You can get an overview of the current product categories through our commission list, which you can find here (Fees and Commissions).

A list of prohibited products can be found here.

Become a Partner

Do you meet the requirements and are eager to start selling on the Conrad Marketplace? Join us today and Become a Seller!

Proof of LUCID and WEEE registration

The German Packaging Act stipulates that manufacturers are accountable for the entire life cycle of the products they sell in Germany. Besides the manufacturing process, this also applies to the disposal of both products no longer in use and their packaging.

Almost all businesses in Germany are affected in one way or another, the majority being manufacturers and retailers of electrical and electronics products which includes the respective packaging. 

Full details about the LUCID registration are available at

More information about how the ZSVR/LUCID requirements apply to Conrad is available here (registration and mandatory information) and here (LUCID summary).

Learn more about the WEEE guidelines at