Help & Support
My products don’t display correctly. I get error messages during sales details/product data imports. What do I need to do?

There are two types of errors that occur during product imports, namely data conversion errors and data integration errors. For a list of common error codes and how to fix them, click here.

I want to upload products that aren’t offered by anyone else yet (brand master data creation). How do I do this?

If you want to list products by brands that are not on Conrad’s list of brands, you need to send us all the information we need to create the brand master data. A detailed list of requirements is available here.

My shop account displays KPI warnings? What do I need to do?

We’ve introduced an “early warning” feature that lets you keep an eye on your performance to identify shortfalls early. This function aims to boost transparency and help you along the way. 

In the case of your performance dropping any further, your shop will automatically put on hold. 

Learn more about minimum requirements and performance KPIs Here 

What happens if I keep failing the performance requirements (temporary account suspension)

If you keep falling short of the performance KPIs after you’ve received a warning, your shop account will be put on hold. Means, the products you sell will no longer be visible/available for purchase. 

To reopen your temporarily suspended account, you will need to provide a list of measures aimed to permanently resolve the issues that resulted in your account having been put on hold. If your shop has been suspended, you can apply for a temporary reinstatement of your account here

How do I communicate with buyers and the platform operator?

Please keep in mind that all communication with customers must happen via the Mirakl gateway. This helps us who operate Conrad Marketplace keep track of the transactions happening on the platform. Since you are the one entering into a contract with the customers when it comes to Marketplace transactions, you need to directly communicate with the customer. Always message via the Mirakl platform and always select “customer”. The option to contact us only applies to scenarios where you and a buyer cannot resolve the issue yourselves. Full details available here

How can I check, analyse and improve my performance?

There is a variety of dashboards with a wide range of filter options to display performance data. Moreover, there is “Looker”, an analysis tool, that allows you to have a closer look at your data. For more details, click here

How can I sell my products to B2C buyers?

Conrad Marketplace is a platform specifically set up for business customers. Means you cannot sell your products to B2C buyers on here.

However, Voelkner, a member of the Conrad group, operate a marketplace that allows you to reach out to different audiences. Besides B2B, the team at Voelkner also caters for a B2C audience. Use the “Request a Collaboration Now” form shown on the linked home page to get in touch with the team.  You may read more details here

What are my marketing options on Conrad Marketplace?

Currently, we offer a range of onsite marketing options. 

As soon as the use of Pay Per Click ads (PPC/CPC) to promote the visibility of your products becomes available, we will notify you via the Conrad Partners newsletter.

Do I need to comply with the LUCID packaging requirements?

The German Packaging Act stipulates that manufacturers are accountable for the entire life cycle of the products they sell in Germany. Besides the manufacturing process, this also applies to the disposal of both products no longer in use and their packaging.

Almost all businesses in Germany are affected in one way or another, the majority being manufacturers and retailers of electrical and electronics products which includes the respective packaging. 

Full details about the LUCID registration requirements are available at www.verpackungsregister.org.   

More information about how the ZSVR/LUCID requirements apply to Conrad is available here (registration and mandatory information) and here (LUCID summary).

How can I provide the mandatory order tracking data?

There are three different ways to provide order tracking data.

  • Enter the information manually for each order via the Mirakl gateway,
  • Upload a CSV or XLSX file to update the tracking data for multiple orders (no automated file upload available)
  • Automated tracking data feed via an API.
How do I invoice buyers on Conrad Marketplace (White Label Invoicing)?

We use Webhelp as a payment service provider. Webhelp handle the entire billing process which includes sending invoices to and collecting the money invoiced from your buyers. Hence, do not enclose an invoice when you dispatch an order to a customer (enclose delivery note only). In turn, Webhelp will forward the invoiced amount minus the commission to you, and send the commission to Conrad.     

Means bypassing your in-house invoicing process is a prerequisite for becoming one of our marketplace sellers.


  • Kunde = Buyer
  • Rechnung = Invoice
  • Zahlung = Payment
  • Betrag = Amount
  • Provision = Commission
How can I sell my products in countries other than Germany?

After successfully launching our marketplace in Germany, we offer other sales channels you can use to increase your reach. 

At the moment, we operate marketplaces in Austria, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

We support you on your way to cross-border training and help you compile the required data. For more information, click  here. Alternatively, get in touch with your Conrad Marketplace contact. 

Can I sign up for Conrad’s OCI e-procurement program?

In addition to selling products via our marketplace, you might also be eligible to participate in our OCI e-procurement program. Conrad OCI centres around a single-creditor model and provides the opportunity to trade with Conrad key account customers (large-volume transactions via an electronic interface). For more information, click here. Alternatively, get in touch with your Conrad Marketplace contact.

How do payment reminders and acquisition of creditor’s rights work?

16 days after order dispatch, non-paying customers receive an email reminding them of the outstanding amount due, asking them to make payment within a period of 7 days. After failing to do so, a second reminder will be sent out to customers nine days after the first, another one nine days after the second. 11 days after the third reminder (i.e. 45 days after the order dispatch date) Conrad acquires the creditor’s rights (“cut-off”). Sellers will receive the full outstanding amount on the next account settlement date. 

Why do some orders not display any customer information (delivery address)?

If buyers choose to pay in advance, the delivery address will be displayed only after the payment has been received. Until then, the order status will be set to "Payment being processed." As long as this status is displayed, it means the customer has not yet made the payment. If Webhelp does not receive the payment within 16 days of order placement, the respective order will be automatically cancelled.

How do I address shipping delays and customers creating events?

If it appears that you are unable to dispatch an order by the quoted date due to supply shortages or other issues, notify the buyer immediately using the Mirakl gateway. If the buyer is not satisfied with the delay, cancel the order and confirm the cancellation with the buyer.