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Catalog management

Our B2B procurement platform makes it simple, fast and comprehensive for you to upload your products, inventory and prices. You have several options to choose from for connecting to the Conrad marketplace:

Maintenance via the back office, CSV file, Excel template and a complete automated connection either via an API interface or various integration service providers.

Mirakl Connectors & Integration options

Are you already using an e-commerce solution? Use Mirakl Connectors to speed up your integration.

The following are currently available directly in Mirakl Connect:

Magento 1 & 2

More about Mirakl Connectors:

Mirakl Help Portal:


You can benefit from a steadily growing number of collaborations with data service providers and supported web shop software interfaces.
Moreover, we are about to set up ChannelPilot, Brickfox, Shopware, Gambio and Tradebyte.

Your benefits:

  • Automation saves you time
  • A large selection of different shop and ERP systems means there is a solution that suits you
  • Quick to set up, no need to develop the tech yourself
  • Automated execution of all processes involved in data exchange with our Marketplace

See our current range of interfaces that automate the data exchange with our Marketplace.
You get them by contacting the providers directly.


Channable is more than just a feed manager. The platform connects your shop with more than 2,500 marketplaces and marketing channels.

Create individual feeds for each platform, use rules to enrich product data, and play out your data with just a few clicks. Spend less time manually managing product data and more time scaling in eCommerce.

To list on the Conrad marketplace via Channable, you can use the templates provided in CSV format. In your Channable app you can select a special Conrad template via the ''Feeds'' tab.

Further information on setting up your export configuration can be found online in the Channable Helpcenter.


ChannelEngine is an interface that connects your own web shop / system to Conrad Marketplace.

ChannelEngine allows you to view all your stock volumes in real time in one place regardless of on how many marketplaces you sell your products. You can set and change prices individually in each of your shops, to keep your business competitive.

Besides, ChannelEngine helps you explore new markets and optimise your marketplace appearance and offers lots of choice when it comes to service and web technology providers.

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A tailored marketplace solution for SAP users.

FIS/TradeFlex is an interface that allows automated selling of products on marketplaces. As it is fully integrated into SAP, it is especially useful for SAP users.

FIS/TradeFlex makes connecting your system to Conrad Marketplace easy and enables uploading product data in real time.

Apart from you being able to manage all your seller gateways and selling activities in one place, the interface also keeps your operations transparent and creates reports that help you analyse and optimise your performance.

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If you are activated in JTL and have (admin) permissions (see user permissions in JTL-Wawi) you can start. In mirakl, you first generate your API key under my Profil and also remember your mirakl Shop ID


If you have a JTL EayzAuction customer center account, you can link or register all available shop accounts via SCX: Example link SCX Registrierung


More information here:


An interface that connects you to Conrad Marketplace and all leading e-commerce service providers.

OscWare automates data exchange between your ERP, your webshop, a range of marketplaces and a variety of parcel service companies, such as DHL, DPD, GLS, UPS, etc. The software takes care of providing the required product master data to ERP, web shop and the respective marketplace, and constantly checks and adjusts your stock levels.

Connecting to Conrad Marketplace means automating the data exchange. This makes entering data manually redundant which, in turn, reduces the number of errors.

Oscware Functions:

  • Upload product details to our Marketplace and update product information including all product attributes, stock levels and prices
  • Import customer orders including all customer and order details into your ERP system or web shop
  • Export shipping addresses and forward them to parcel service providers, including customer address labels and logistics information
  • Forward order status updates to our Marketplace to mark orders as having been paid or shipped.

Using OscWare saves you up to 70% of the effort you’d have to put in otherwise. Means you can focus on things that matter.

Signing up to OscWare Premium Free gives you six months of free access to all available features, to try things out. No strings attached.

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plentymarkets is an e-commerce system that combines enterprise resource planning, web shop operation and multichannel retailing. The system centres around the plentyPOS checkout app that has been developed in-house and allows expanding the system towards omni-channel retailing. The app is compatible with all common mobile touchscreen devices which enables users to move around on the sales floor, and, in turn, provides customers with a modern shopping experience.

The cloud-based software comes with plenty of functions and interfaces and automatically displays all workflows underlying both online and offline retailing. Plentymarkets supports all major marketplaces, a wide range of payment service and web shop software providers, as well as many licenced and affiliate marketeers which allows you to sell across a several channels at the same time. plentyMarkets doesn’t charge you for the use of interfaces. Moreover, plentyMarketplace plugins enable adding extra interfaces, web shop templates and features.

plentymarkets comes in three different subscription plans and, thus, suits a wide range of budgets – whether your business is new to e-commerce, an established SME, or a global company looking for an all-inclusive service package tailored to your needs.

Conrad Plugin for plentymarkets Users

Requirement: You need to use plentymarkets already.

  1. Free download of the Conrad Marketplace plugin available at:
  2. Install and configure plugin.
  3. Upload products to Conrad Marketplace and start selling.
Rithum (former ChannelAdvisor)

ChannelAdvisor, a CommerceHub company,  is a leading multichannel platform whose mission is to connect and optimise the world's commerce.

For over two decades, ChannelAdvisor has helped brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimising their operations for peak performance, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness. Thousands of customers depend on ChannelAdvisor to securely power their e-commerce operations on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Zalando, and more.

For further details, visit


Speed4Trade CONNECT is an interface between your ERP system / IT infrastructure and web shops / online marketplaces, such as the Conrad Marketplace.

You can either use Speed4Trade together with a fully-fledged ERP system, or as a stand-alone without any resource planning features.

Since Speed4Trade software gets updated at regular intervals, it always suits your needs. Speed4Trade automates settings, processes purchase orders and notifies buyers when their orders have been dispatched. This interface also enables automated operations on different selling platforms at the same time.

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As one of the leading European e-commerce integrators, we are committed to making platform players successful!

With our all-in-one integration software, we offer comprehensive solutions for both brands and retailers. TB․One helps brands effortlessly connect with different retailers and expand their e-commerce reach. TB․Market opens the doors for retailers to expand their online shop and become a marketplace.

You can access the retailer profile here: 

Detailed documentation for the connection to Conrad Marketplace:
Tradebyte Infocenter


The easy-to-use API interface gives you further options, among other things, to automate your entire order processing, actively communicate with your customers, confirm shipping and manage the billing process.

Quick overview of the basic sections of the interface:

(Illustration of the processes and the conception of the plug-in)

Platform Settings
  • AF01 all platform custom fields can be called up.
Product API

-> All relevant information about the Conrad structure can be called up here via the following end points.

  • H11: Categories / Article groups
  • PM11: Attributes (requirement levels are included)
  • VL11: Value Lists
  • P41 Product upload
  • Any reports (integration errors, conversion errors, etc.)
Offer API

-> Import of an offer file and collection of error reports

  • Unfortunately, the API does not provide an end point for picking up the native fields. 
    To do this, you will find here an entry in the documentary with a description of the relevant attributes.
  • offer upload: OF01 (mode ‘’Normal’’ and  ‘’Delete and replace’’)
  • price upload: PRI01 (nur im Modus ‘Delete and replace’’)
Order API

(siehe ergänzend weiter unten  Bild “The Order cycle on a marketplace“)

  • OR11: Status-related retrieval of all orders from the Mirakl system
  • OR21: Accept or reject order
    → Here, the acceptance rate must be observed, this may not be less than 95% within a period of three months.
    → Furthermore, it should be noted that orders are accepted (or rejected) within a maximum of 24h.
  • OR23: Transfer of tracking information for an order.
    → with template can be delivered more a list of oders including tracking informationen.
  • M10 / M11: Retrieval and lists of message histories
  • M12: Reply to an existing message history.
    →  Optionally, messages can be addressed to a dedicated user linked through the store or account. The messages come from a No Reply address.
  • OR43: Create a new message / history to an order.
    → When sending messages to the customer, make sure to reply within a maximum of 48h, so as not to negatively affect the store statistics and risk store deactivation.
  • OR24: Confirmation of delivery / shipment.
  • OR28: Confirmation of a refund for an order or order item
  • OR30: Confirmation of a cancellation for an order or order item
  • OR72: Listing of all documents in a purchase order
  • OR73: Download of documents from one or more purchase orders
  • OR74: Upload of documents when sending a message to a purchase order

API-Key in Mirakl Shop 

Basic for the use of API. 

To generate it, log in to Mirakl with the relevant user and click on the email address or the small icon at the top right.

This takes you to your account settings and you can create your individual API key via the ''API Key'' tab.


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