Marketplace Overview

Getting Started

How to benefit from Conrad’s B2B marketplace

Want to provide a state-of-the-art B2B shopping experience, to set-up new sales channels and reach new audiences, but think it will take a lot of time to get there? 

Use our B2B marketplace to sell your products to over 2 million business customers.

We at Conrad can help you with

  • Targeting specific customers in industries such as R&D, education, and public services.
  • Identifying and engaging customers in the manufacturing and technology sectors.
  • Supplying the right products at the right time to meet individual customer needs.
  • Digitalising sales channels to drive business growth.

We at Conrad convey your B2B expertise straight to customers

  • Essential products your customers need for their production plants, offices and labs.
  • Electronic components, business-related services, the latest 3D-printing technology etc

At Conrad, your customers can get what they want to buy from you

  • By visiting the Conrad online shop at
  • Via an e-procurement interface.
  • By calling or emailing our team.
  • By speaking with one of our component sales representatives.

According to a survey, more than half of the businesses based in Germany think B2B marketplaces will become very important in the next 5 years. 


Buyers, players and decision-makers familiar with e-commerce are looking for a B2B option.

Means more than 2 million business customers using our B2B marketplace at comes as no surprise. Collaborate with us to grow your brand and build lasting long-term customer relationships.


We offer two solutions, namely

  • A curated B2B marketplace
  • A private marketplace to gain exclusive access to the medium and large companies that are members of Conrad group.

You can use these sales channels to adjust your product and pricing policy to make your product offers more specific.

Our solutions both make starting out in B2B sales easy and help you boost your current B2B marketplace sales. Contributing factors are

  • Partnership: we help you start out and provide individual support,
  • Transparency: you choose the products you want to sell and the price you want to sell them at. Moreover, you choose reporting options that suit you when it comes to your product range and sales numbers.
  • Plenty of reach: over 800 partners are currently selling their products via

 Our shop logs up to 200 million visits from all across the globe every year. Moreover, we operate B2B marketplaces in Austria (est. 2021), the Netherlands (est. 2022), Italy (est. 2023) and France (est. 2023), with more EU countries to be added to the list in a not-too-distant future. has become the leading supplier for purchasing officers across the industries. Customer benefits include:

  • 9 million products by over 6000 brands listed on;
  • transparency when it comes to product range, availability and prices that are updated daily;
  • competent help and support provided by qualified advisers;
  • e-procurement and other purchasing services;
  • secure payment and delivery methods complying with data protection regulations;
  • PCI/PunchOut solutions provided by Conrad;
  • electronic catalogues and Smart Procure: buyer stays in charge, fast and transparent procedures

Compared to 2020, sales numbers across B2B online marketplaces were up by 130 percent in 2021.

Just picture the sales opportunities provided by 2 million business customers in Germany alone. Moreover, you can use us to trade across borders reaching our large global audience.

Your benefits

  • Our quality sales environment features vetted sellers with an e-commerce background only
  • Catering for a specific audience providing detailed information about products and services
  • Increased online visibility creates opportunities for business and growth
  • Reaching a much greater audience
  • Tailored sales stats that are updated daily help you optimise your marketing options 
  • Individualised promotional activities to boost your visibility
  • Improved reach and efficiency due to simple, fast and comprehensive processes and services

Additional benefits after OCI shop integration

  • Updating static catalogues becomes obsolete
  • Latest product information instantly available to your customers
  • Product search options that make a difference
  • Individual product structure set-ups and product category management
  • Latest prices displayed in real time

Make the most of our exhaustive B2B e-commerce knowledge to benefit from

  • Higher sales numbers thanks to cross-border trading and a global B2B audience,
  • Larger profit margins,
  • Faster product release,
  • Digital sales channels.