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KPI Overview

Becoming a Marketplace seller means you get access to the “Looker” tool and, thus, to comprehensive and detailed reporting that helps you assess your performance as a seller.

What’s more, you can arrange for automated sales analyses being sent to you, and for being notified as soon as certain things are happening in relation to your account.

Besides providing an easy and fast overview of your seller KPIs, Looker features a variety of other dashboards that show you everything you need to know about your performance. Goes without saying that dashboards display your own product ID together with the product code we use at Conrad.

All dashboards come with a filter option that allow you to select specific time periods, or sort your performance data by brand and by product category.

This represents a great opportunity to optimise your sales model or pricing, or starting expanding the range of products you sell on the marketplace.

Moreover, Looker creates reports addressing QA and product-related content.

In short, Looker helps you stay on top of things and boost your sales by making analysis-based decisions and improvements.

Why to use it?

  • Reporting and analyses at the press of a button
  • Selectable filters, such as individual time windows, categories, brands
  • Automated reporting helps you to keep on top of things

This is how it works

Login Details
We`ll send you our login details after we`ve activated your shop account.

Sign in
Go to the Login page and enter your login information.

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Looker Access

Who gets access to Looker?

All Conrad marketplace sellers get a Looker account. Please provide an email address to be linked to your account during the seller onboarding process. We’ll use this to create a Looker user account for you.

Looker Fees

How much is it?

Being one of our Marketplace sellers means that account setup, access and using Looker doesn’t incur any charges.

Number of Users

How many users can I register on Looker? 

You are limited to one user account per business.

Sales Data Analysis

Does Looker allow me to do my own analysis?

Each dashboard allows you to set your own analysis parameters, providing a wide variety of filter options for displaying your data.

Special Functions

Does Looker come with any special functions?

Yes. For instance, there is the option of setting up automated reporting in different file formats, to be sent to an email address of your choice, or to be forwarded to an SFTP server. There are also various other settings aimed at more experienced users.


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