Order Processing

Our seller gateway allows you to choose between two order confirmation options, namely

  • manual confirmation
  • automated confirmation via the API

All orders to be processed are listed in our seller account. 

If a customer places an order, you receive an email. Please make sure you confirm or decline any order within one working day.

Make sure you do not auto-decline customer orders by accident. Keep in mind that any order will be automatically declined 5 days after it was placed unless you confirm, or decline, that order before those five days have passed.

Why use it?


  • Changing a Customer Order

    Can I change a customer order?

    You CANNOT change the type of product or the quantities ordered.

    Please make sure you check your stock before confirming an order. If you are unable to fulfil a confirmed order, the only you can do is cancel it.

  • Buyer Contact Details

    Why don’t I see the buyer’s contact details?

    Invoiced orders: Buyer contact details will be displayed after you have sent out the order confirmation.

    Use the order page to download the order details.


    Prepayment: Processing this type of order requires you confirming the order, and proof that payment has been received (automated notification).

    You will be sent an automated message telling you that the buyer’s payment has been processed, which means that you can ship the order.

  • Manual Order Confirmation

    How do I confirm orders manually?

    Log in to your account.

    Go to My Orders > All Order. Select the respective order and click on it.

    The Order Detail page displays the product and any other related information. Click the green button to confirm the order.

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