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Content Optimization

There are basically two ways to influence the visibility of your articles on our platform. One of them is the presentation of your product content.


The Conrad structure includes several thousand attributes, most of which can be maintained at the level of the 6000 different item groups. 52 attributes can be maintained globally for each of your products. Some features are essential for a clean presentation of your range and addressing the customer.


Here you will find a detailed overview of all relevant components on the product detail page and how you can track them on our platform.

Product data update

In principle, product data can be easily overwritten for the purpose of an update. However, due to system restrictions and logic, some features cannot be overwritten and may require the respective product to be invalidated beforehand.


In such cases, the data can only be updated by creating a new one. This requires an offer and product ivalidation.

Product data feed fields that cannot be edited

  • Product ID (Product.Seller.ProductID) e.g. 1335999
  • MPN (ATT.GLOBAL.Manufacturer.AID) e.g. XT-12345
  • Brand name (ATT.GLOBAL.Brandname) e.g. VOLTCRAFT
  • Sales unit (Product.BaseUnit) e.g. cardboard box
  • Sales unit content (ATT.GLOBAL.NoCUperOU) e.g. 10
  • Content quantity (ATT.GLOBAL.NOCuperOU_Unit) e.g. pcs
  • Optional field: EAN (Product.EAN.Main_MP) e.g. 4260598531959

How to delete offer data and product data

Deleting offer data

  1. Identify the products that need to be deleted prior to making a change to a mandatory field (see also upload and conversion error reports). Use product IDs to find the relevant products.
  2. Create a "offer data deletion file", e.g. as part of your scheduled offer data updates. Enter “delete” in the “Update/Delete” column.
  3. Go to “Price and stock” -> "Offer Import"  to automatically or manually upload the offer deletion file as you usually do. Set the import mode to “Normal”.
  4. Check whether the upload contains any errors (“Price and stock” > “Offer mport” > “Track offer Imports”). 

Deleting product data

  1. Basically, you can complete this step any time after deleting the sales details.
  2. Create a deletion file for the relevant products. Enter “invalidate” in the “Product invalidation marker” column.                                                   
  3. If you use our upload template, go to “Price and stock” and choose “Offer import”, to automatically or manually upload the deletion file.
  4. If you use Mapping, you need to map the “Product invalidation marker” column value employing the configuration assistant. Afterwards, upload the file either automatically or manually (see 2).
  5. Check whether the upload contains any errors (““Price and stock” -> “Offer imports”  > “Track Product Imports”).
  6. Product data will be deleted overnight (N.B. For a product to be displayed on the gateway, you also need to create the according sales details).

Creating new product data

After the relevant products have been deleted overnight, create new product data and offer data files as you usually do.

Please check internally how to delete offer data and product data at regular intervals.

You also need to delete product data if you want to remove products from your product range. This makes sure that the relevant content won’t no longer display on the webshop pages.

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