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Uploading data involves two different steps, namely the product data feed and the sales details feed (offer data). Below, we take a closer look at the offer date feed.

Be aware:
Product data needs to be uploaded first.  Otherwise, it’s impossible to assign the accurate offer date to each product.
See: Upload product data

Offer data are informations that does change a lot, such as sales prices, stock levels and shipping times.


file formats:

  • .csv (default format, works for all uploads)
  • .xlsx
  • .xml

Creating the files

Importing and assigning sales details requires the data to be structured in a certain way. This is why Mirakl provides a template available for download at “Price and stock” -> “Offer imports” -> “File templates“ (right side on screen). You can use the template or integrate the structure in your own file.

Below a list of attributes compulsory for sales details imports.


List of mandatory offer attributes
Mandatory offer attributes
Offer-SKU (Code: sku)
Usually equal to your unique item number. Will be displayed in your offer list in the Mirakl portal after successful creation of the offers.
Product-ID (Code: product-id)
This value is equal to the unique article number (seller product ID). This information is used to assign the offer to be created to the product that has already been created.
ProduCt-ID-Type (Code: product-id-type)
The product ID type defines the assignment of offer to product based on the defined characteristic. On the Conrad platform, the unique assignment factor is the unique item number, which is indicated to the system via the value ''SHOP_SKU''. So for the product ID type, the value ''SHOP_SKU'' can be specified by default for each offer to be submitted.
Offer price (Code: price)
The gross sales price of your offer
Offer quantity (Code: quantity)
The current available stock of the respective offer. The value must be a whole, positive number and should be above 0 for the offer to be displayed online. If the stock is 0, the offer will be automatically disabled..
Offer status (Code: state)
Fixed value, here please always specify the following value depending on the file format.
Excel file (xlsx): ''New''
CSV file (csv): ''11''
For refurbished Products please follow this additional Instructions here

Logistics class (Code: logistic-class)
Via the logistics class the respective shipping costs for the offer are displayed. This depends on the configuration of the logistics classes in your Mirakl account under ''My account'' -> ''Settings'' -> ''Shipping configuration''.

Here you can define or configure up to 8 different shipping classes. The respective values as follows are entered in the offer file to be transmitted. Here again, the file format must be taken into account.

Logistics class Value
logistic-class Value (xlsx)
Small & Medium 1
Small & Medium 2
Small & Medium 3
Bulk Shipment
Pallet Shipment
Extra Logistic Class 1
Extra Logistic Class 2
Free shipping
Logistics class Value
Logistikklasse Value
Small & Medium 1
Small & Medium 2
Small & Medium 3
Bulk Shipment
Pallet Shipment
Extra Logistic Class 1
Extra Logistic Class 2
Free shipping
Logistics class ID
logistic-class ID (csv)

(Note: Extra Logistic Class 1 and 2 are only activated in Germany)

Shipping lead time (Code: leadtime-to-ship)
The shipping lead time indicates the time required until the package is handed over to the shipping service provider. If the value is 0, it is assumed that the package will be shipped on the same day. In the Conrad Shop, 1-2 days are added to the specified shipping lead time.

Reverse Charge (Code: reversecharge)
The reverse charge procedure reverses the liability for VAT in the case of cross-border deliveries: It is not the entrepreneur making the supply who pays the VAT to the tax office, but the customer. The prerequisite for the application of the reverse charge procedure is that the customer is also the holder of a VAT identification number. Please specify the value ''false'' or ''true'' for each offer, depending on whether this regulation applies or not.
Storage location (1-5) (Code: warehouse)
Returns the warehouse location from which the respective offer is sent. The configuration is done in the Mirakl Shop account under ''My account'' -> ''Settings'' -> Warehouse In the offer file to be transferred, a value from 1 to 5 is entered depending on the configuration of the stored warehouse locations.

Please keep in mind that, as a result of the chosen file format, you might need to adapt file content as a result of the selected file format. More details, including the values to choose for different formats, are available in the collapsible info box above listing all mandatory offer attributes.

Take a look at the below examples and check out the values assigned in the “logistic-class” and “state” field.

To ensure error-free offer file uploads, choose the attribute codes instead of the attribute labels. For instance, uploading details in CSV or XML format only works if you use attribute codes (one header row only). 

Example (excerpt of a CSV offer file template):


You can also use an XLSX template (Excel). Optionally, the second header line with the attribute labels can remain here.  Example (excerpt of a xlxs offer file template):

How to upload

There are different ways to import sales details.

FTP server

Mirakl allows setting up a server connection that enables automated sales details imports.
Log in to: "Settings" => "Shop"  TAB "Imports"


Here’s a short checklist with information you need to provide:

  • Transfer Protocol (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP or SFTP)
  • Host / server address
  • Port
  • File path (without host)
  • Login details (username and password)

Using an Server, offers may be uploaded in either “Normal” or “Delete & Replace” mode.

mirakl API Connection

Product data, sales details and pricing data need to be uploaded using separate access points.  

Import manually

You can upload product data, offer data and prices manually by using the Mirakl dialogue box. To do so, go to "Price and stock" -> "Offer imports"

Choose your file as the source:   

Tabs like “Track Offer Imports” and “Track Product Imports” allow you to view the respective files and create error reports that help you rectify any mistakes. 


Common import errors for offer data

Like product data, offer data imports might not always work right away. This is why you need to check the offer data import history regularly, looking for error reports.

Import error reports are available in your Mirakl account. Click the “Error” tab and go to 

"Price and stock" → "Offer Import" → "Track Offer Imports"

Below overview lists common error codes and tells you how to fix them.


The product does not exist.


The values of "Product.SellerProductID" and "product-id" must be identical to the product information sent with the product file.

The product-id-type value must be filled correctly to ensure a proper matching of products and offers.


Indicate "product-id", ''Product.SellerProductID" and "product-id-type" to properly match their offers with products.
Create remaining products and check whether there were potential errors with the corresponding product import.
-> There may have been a reason why products were not created.
Verify the spelling of the offer attributes in the header row

No existing offer to update.


The sku value does not match any existing offer.


Verify the spelling of the attributes in the header.
Use import mode "normal'' for offer updates.

The field 'sku' is duplicated in the source file.


Multiple offers in the file have the same offer sku.
This reference must be unique for each offer.


Delete double or multiple used offer skus in the "sku" column.

The state of the product is unknown.


The state field has an invalid value. A valid value referring to the file format has to be entered.


Verify if the attribute is present in the file and filled correspondingly.

The field 'price' is mandatory.


The "price" field is not present. This information is mandatory to create an offer.


Enter the offer price.

The logistic family is unknown.


The logistic-class entered does not exist.
A valid value referring to the file format has to be entered.


Verify if the attribute is present in the file and filled correspondingly.

The product linked to the new offer is different from the product linked to the existing offer.


An offer was deleted. The offer cannot be created from new with the exact same offer sku. 1 day has to pass by until the same offer sku can be used again to create this offer.


Wait one day until the offer sku is released and can be used again to create the exact same offer again.
Alternative: Use an alternative offer sku in the meantime.

The field 'leadtime-to-ship' has an invalid value. Must be a positive integer and not exceed the limit defined by the operator.


The leadtime-to-ship must be a positive integer.
No negative numbers or comma separated values are allowed.



The field 'discount_price' has an invalid range.


The ''discount-ranges" have to be entered according to a predefined format.

Example: 2|1.50,5|1.35,10|1.10

A discount price equal or greater than the original offer price can not be specified.



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