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Dealers have the opportunity to offer refurbished products at Conrad. Many companies suffer from cost pressure and refurbished products are a very attractive option. In addition, sustainability and environmental responsibility have now become important factors in purchasing decisions for many companies. As a result, the demand for refurbished products in the B2B sector is continuously increasing.

There are some technical and legal aspects to consider.

The word refurbished comes from English and can be translated as "reconditioned". Thus, the name directly conveys that we are not simply dealing with used technology, but with tested, flawless good

In distinction to new goods, these are devices that have already been in use, but may officially be sold as refurbished products. In this context, general overhaul means that the goods have been subjected to a strict inspection and have proven to be functional.

Defective components have been replaced in the course of the refurbished process. Original parts from the manufacturer are usually used for this purpose. At the end of the process, the goods can be certified as technically functional.

In addition to the technical inspection, the visual quality is usually also documented. Many people can live with defects such as scratches on an outer shell, while others are very bothered by them.

Before dealers offer refurbished goods for sale, the quality control of the optics allows existing optical signs of use to be clearly named in the description for potential customers."

Requirements as a Seller:
  • At least 14 days right of return: Sellers must make it clear in their T&Cs that they allow Conrad B2B customers to return their goods within (at least) 14 days.

    • The costs will be borne by the Seller.

    • We recommend every Seller to provide a return label for every return.

  • 1 year legal warranty must also be included in the GTC of the seller. If they do not upload their own GTC, the warranty of new goods applies: 24 months.

  • The Seller agrees to waive differential taxation under Section 25a (8) of the VAT Act and agrees not to use total differential taxation under Section 25a (4) of the VAT Act.

    • Differential taxation: This is very important for sellers who buy from private customers. Since Conrad will not map differential taxation, these sellers must waive it and charge 19% sales tax in the total net selling price to maintain their margin. This is not relevant for sellers who purchase from business customers, as they do not operate with differential taxation.

  • All equipment must be checked, must not have any data traces and must be 100% functional - Battery life must be at least > 80%.

    ❌ Not fully functional, incomplete or not checked for full functionality goods are not allowed.

    ❌ Unchecked returned B-goods are also not allowed.

Quality standards:

Quality assurance: Conrad has always been at the forefront of quality. This is not to change. We want to assure our customers that they receive high quality refurbished products. Therefore, sellers must expect consequences if they fail to meet one or more of the quality criteria listed here. We can block products immediately and ask the seller to fix the problem. In case of multiple violations, Conrad reserves the right of a complete store blocking and a legally valid termination.

Technical Onboarding

Soon we will enable a new display of refurbished products on our Marketplace. This will display corresponding offers together with the original product on one page; the customer can choose from the various options in the buybox. The search results lists will also be adjusted.

Basic changes:

  1.  The information about the condition of an offer will be provided exclusively on the offer in the future. For this purpose there are 2 fields in the offer upload, on the one hand the already known feature ''Status of the offer'' and on the other hand the field ''Description of the offer'', which is now also recommended for this purpose.
Status of the offer (code: state):
  • New (techn. code :11):
    The product is unused, original packaging with all accessories, if applicable, with unbroken seal.
  • Excellent ( techn. code :12):
    The product is technically fully functional and visually almost new. There may be minimal signs of use or barely visible scratches, but they are not visible from a distance of 30cm. If the device has a display, it must be absolutely scratch-free.
  • Very good (techn. code :13):
    The product is technically fully functional and visually in very good condition. It may show slight signs of use or isolated, fine scratches that can be seen from a distance of less than 30cm. The screen may show minimal signs of use, but these may not be visible when the device is turned on.
  • Good (techn. code :14):
    The product is technically fully functional, but shows visible signs of use. There may be several scratches or wear marks that are visible from a distance of 30cm. The screen may show scratches, but they should not affect use when the device is turned on.
Description of the condition (Code: description)

Provide additional detailed information about the condition of your Offer here, for example: "The device has a 5 mm long and 1 mm wide scratch on the back"

Note that this field is mandatory for any refurbished condition (except New). This is the only way to ensure proper validation and display the offers in the shop accordingly.

In addition, you can add your unique selling points (30 days right of return instead of 14, quality standards, etc...).


This procedure will also give you the option of offering different offers with different statuses for a single product in the future.

In future product data feeds, make sure that the description of the product is absolutely state-neutral.

  • The product title and the descriptions must not contain any information such as new, OVP, refurbished or similar.
  • Pictures and documents show the new product. Do not submit pictures of opened packaging or detailed photos of damage.
  • Use the original EAN/GTIN, as well as the original brand and manufacturer part number of the product.
  • Special case Apple:
    Due to the restriction for the sale of new products to authorized resellers in Germany, the separate brand Apple refurbished must be used for refurbished Apple products. Otherwise, the same applies here: Original EAN and part number of the product.

For the categorization of the refurbished articles, only the original article groups are to be used (refurbished article groups that were once part of the structure are no longer available)

Here you will find a corresponding mapping of all relevant article groups.

All offers that do not refer to the “New” condition are automatically excluded from flash dropshipping for warranty reasons.

Conrad's definition of refurbished

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