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Basically, a seller links similar products by assigning them to a variant group and defining the specification of each variant.

Our online shop offers 2 different options to refer the customer to variants. 

Option 1 "Drop-Down-Menu"
Recommended for smaller product families that differ, for example, in colour and/or storage capacity. Suitable for less than 25 products in a group.

Option 2 "Further variants of this article"
 For large product families or families with a variety of differentiating features.

Option 1 "Drop-Down-Menu"

For products with 1. maintained variant group (Product.DetailpageVariantGroup_MP) AND 
2. maintained the variant (Product.DetailpageVariantValue_MP).

This option only works if there are less than 25 products in the group!

Based on the attribute written in the field „variant (Product.DetailpageVariantValue_MP)“ the various elements are listed. This text is also displayed in the drop down menu.

Option 2 "Further variants of this article"

For products WITHOUT a maintained variant (only with a variant group). Regardless of the number of items.

Only the variant group (Product.DetailpageVariantGroup_MP) is filled.
The fields of variant (Product.DetailpageVariantValue_MP) must be empty!

Per click on the button "Further variants of this article" for the User opens a search page with ALL products under this variant group.  This makes it much easier for the customer to find the right variant, as they can use our filters to refine the search within the product family.

Examples using the mirakl Excel template

Please find in the Template for Product Upoads the same attributes.

under 25 variants (Option 1) :  please fill both columns:

 or  (Option 2) more than 25 variants:  only fill the Variant Group Column:

In Mirakl itself you can find the details of the two attributes in the operator configuration.

As always, it is important that each product has its own article number (Product ID) and the EAN (EAN / GTIN) or manufacturer part number (ATT.GLOBAL.ManufacturerAID).

Please note that different sellers may also provide different variant configurations for the same product. The decision as to which variant configuration will ultimately be displayed for a product with multiple sellers is completely automated. This may result in unexpected displays or displays that deviate from your set configurations.