Product Import Errors

Manage Product Data

Importing product information doesn’t always work right away. There are many reasons why your first attempt to create product master data might fail.

Please always check your product imports under Catalog for any errors.

Under Details you will not only find your own file, but also the two different files with the exact description of errors that you still need to correct:

- Non-integrated products report

- Source file error report

Please correct all errors and warnings. Only then can the products be displayed online as desired.

Source file error report

The Mirakl Help Gateway provides a comprehensive list of conversion error codes. Find out here under "Error messages when importing products".

Please make sure you also refer to the validation guidelines that apply to mandatory attributes. More details are available here our Guideline "Upload product data

This Conversion errors are red-flagged by Mirakl and are displayed in the product import history “lines with errors”, using red font colour.

Non-integrated products report

Below you will find a list of possible integration errors and corresponding solutions. The difference to Mirakl's conversion errors is that the integration errors are checked on the Conrad side. This means that these are not directly visible in the respective entry. Therefore, attention must be paid to the reports generated for the entry.
This can look like this:


Descritption and Solution 

Brand 'Brand.X' not found for transformation.

Unable to process the brand name.

Please get in touch with your Conrad Marketplace contact.

No primary image URL was set with attributeId 'Product.PrimaryImageURL_MP'.

You didn’t assign a URL pointing to the main product image attribute provided in the product feed/Mirakl.

Please check the relevant product data and, if necessary, assign an URL pointing to the product image.

Product with the same EAN+packaging or Brand+Manufacturer+packaging already exists for importId '123'. SellerProductId 'XX'

Product feed contains multiple products that were assigned identical EAN/quantity or MPN/brand pairings. Each product needs to have a unique pairing.

Please check the relevant product data and amend the information if necessary.

The usage of No-Name brand without providing an EAN is not allowed

Assigning "No Name" as a brand name requires the respective product (a) to have a valid EAN, and (b) to be a no-name product – in the most literal sense of the word.

Products without a valid EAN need to be assigned the respective brand attribute value.

Your error message is not listed or the solution did not help you? 
Your contact person for technical questions in the Conrad Marketplace will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about resolving errors in the reports. Please use the contact method known to you.